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deaf history associations

Association Laurent Clerc

Country: France

Description: Deaf History Association, based in La Balme-les-Grottes, France, preserving the history of Laurent Clerc, Deaf education pioneer

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Association des Sourds de Lyon -
Section Patrimoine

Country: France

Description: Deaf History Association, based in Lyon, France, preserving Deaf cultural heritage and Deaf history


British Deaf History Society

Country: United Kingdom

Description: National Society on British Deaf History

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Bundesvereinigung für Kultur und Geschichte Gehörloser e.V. (KuGG)

Country: Germany

Description: National Society on German Deaf History


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Deaf Culture Centre

Country: Canada

Description: The Centre preserves the language and history of the Deaf community and is located in Toronto


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Deaf History Scotland

Country: Scotland

Description: National Society on Scottish Deaf History

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Doof Verleden Vlaanderen

Country: Belgium

Description: Central organization for collecting and preserving Deaf Flemish history

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Døvehistorisk Selskap

Country: Denmark

Description: National Society on Danish Deaf History

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Historie Doven Groningen

Country: Netherlands

Description: Society on Deaf History of the province and city of Groningen.

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History of the Nordic Council of the Deaf

Country: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

Description: This website of the Nordic Council of the Deaf (DNR) celebrates their 110 years deaf history of close cooperation, sharing information in Nordic signs with video subtitles in English

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Musée d'Histoire et de Culture des Sourds 

Country: France

Description: This Deaf History Association/museum focuses its work on its French Deaf history museum and is based in Louhans. The museum offers multi-layered coverage of the history of Deaf culture, the Deaf community, and sign language, with a special focus on Ferdinand Berthier, 19th century Deaf rights and Signed Language rights pioneer

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Norsk Døvehistorisk Selskap

Country: Norway

Description: Norwegian Deaf History Society

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Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Sourd
(Association Etienne de Fay)

Country: France

Description: Deaf History Association, based in Orléans, France, focusing on safeguarding Deaf heritage and preserving the history of Étienne de Fay, the earliest known Deaf teacher of deaf children 

Facebook site: Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Sourd - Association Etienne de Fay [click here]

Surdus Historicus

Country: Poland

Description: This website contains information and activities regarding Polish Deaf history

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Sveriges Dövhistoriska Sällskap

Country: Sweden

Description: National Society on Swedish Deaf history

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