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History of the
Global Deaf Community

Welcome to Deaf History International (DHI)! We are excited to welcome you to our new website!


DHI is an association for all people interested in the study, preservation and dissemination of deaf people’s history. DHI aims to connect Deaf people from all around the world who are interested in Deaf history!


DHI was established in 1991 after Deaf history meetings at the first Deaf Way conference in 1989. DHI has held 10 international conferences, one every three years.


This website has a lot of rich Deaf history information – weblinks to Deaf history associations, museums, archives/collections, and DHI and Deaf history-related conferences around the world! DHI newsletters are also archived here!


Watch this website and DHI’s social media for more updates!


Any questions? Please contact us!


Hello, my name is Jordan Eickman. I’m the DHI secretary-treasurer. I will give information about DHI membership.


Individuals can join DHI. Groups can join DHI. Groups such as Deaf history associations, museums, libraries, Deaf schools, universities, and different groups interested in Deaf history all can and are welcome to join DHI!


DHI membership includes:

  • DHI newsletter subscription (e-mail)

  • Discount for DHI conference registration

    • ​​Conferences are held every three years

  • Early notification of future DHI conferences and their organization

  • Access to the DHI website for the most recent two years’ of DHI newsletters (only DHI members can access the most recent two years. Newsletters three years and older can be viewed by anyone)

  • Contacting, networking, and exchanging information and research with other Deaf historians and meeting new people

If you are interested in joining, more information is available—click the Membership tab above!


I look forward to meeting and having exchanges with you about Deaf History and seeing DHI grow!

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