With this website, Deaf History International aims to inform the global Deaf community on all aspects of its history and to provide information for academic purposes. We offer you information on past and upcoming conferences, and the proceedings of these conferences. In the timeline-section, we create timelines for aspects of Deaf history, such as Theatre, Sport, International Meetings. We have created ‘International Pages’ where you can easily find information on deaf history associations, events and museums in each country.

This website has a public domain, accessible for all. We also have a ‘members section’, for members of DHI only. Once subscribed as a member, you can enter the members section that offers you a range of opportunities: download all issues of the DHI Newsletter and find a list of all academic journals on all aspects of history, guidelines, documents and references on the preservation of historical materials and on writing (academic) papers, lists of deaf schools, archives and other resources, and other information. To sum it all up: becoming a member keeps you updated on the developments in deaf history, both on a national and international level.


Any person, academic institution, school, library or organization interested in the history of Deaf people may become a member of DEAF HISTORY INTERNATIONAL. Membership includes subscription to The DHI Newsletter and some available discounts to triennial DHI Conferences. A note of interest — the original (1994) membership fee (in US funds) for an individual was $20 and for an institution/organization was $50. These amounts are unbelievably the same in 2014! Donations welcome!

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