Gordon Hay - Member at Large

 Gordon Hay - Member at Large

 United Kingdom


Name, origin: Gordon Hay, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, lives in Wolverhampton, England.
Present function in board: Member-at-Large 2015-2018
Previous functions in board: Member-at-Large 2006-2015
Brief description (personal, work, education, associations, interests):

Information Development Coordinator at Deaf Direct, in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire.

I give up a lot of my time to volunteering in organising deaf sporting events and provide administrative work for UK Deaf Sport which is the Great Britain’s Deaf Sport Federation and member to ICSD and EDSO.

I am Secretary General of UK Deaf Sport. I am a board member of British Deaf History Society since 2003, UK Deaf Football Federation (2009) and Midland Deaf Sports Association (2009), and Chair of the Black Country Deaf Football Club (2007) (Wolverhampton)

Ambitions for DHI: To preserve the writing of Deaf History in worldwide and to educate young deaf and hard of hearing people.