Corrie Tijsseling - Web Editor

 Corrie Tijsseling -

 Ex Officio: Website Editor

 The Netherlands


Name, origin: Corrie Tijsseling, The Netherlands
Present function in board: Ex Officio: Website Editor, since 2012
Previous functions in board: Member-at-Large 2009-2012
Brief description (personal, work, education, associations, interests): After having worked as a printing-technician and a gardener, I took the step to start a study in Philosophy and History of Education at Utrecht University. In 2009, I obtained the MSc-degree. In 2014, I obtained the doctorial degree.I work as a lecturer in Pedagogical Sciences at Utrecht University, mainly in the area of Philosophy of Science and Ethics.

Next to my work for DHI, I am a member of the Expert Network on Education of the World Federation of the Deaf. In the Netherlands, I do research work for the Foundation Deaf Shoah.

For me, history is about the stories behind the facts. Many deaf researchers have done an amazing job in finding out facts and figures. Still, there is much more to explore. But also I think it is now time to look into stories behind the facts and figures.

Moreover, it is interesting to place Deaf History into a wider context of (inter)national political, sociological and economical changes.

Ambitions for DHI:

To maintain and expand the website that not only offers information for the public but also offers a platform for members where they can share and retrieve information on topics as: preserving historical materials, creating databases, writing papers and so on.

Also, I will work on the Public Relations for DHI, using social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.