Bernard le Maire - Member at Large


 Bernard le Maire - Member at Large




Name, origin: Bernard le Maire, Belguim
Present function in board: Member-at-Large 2015-2018
Previous functions in board: Member-at-Large 1997-2000 and 2012-2015
Brief description (personal,work, education, associations, interests):

I have a B.A. in mathematics from Gallaudet University in 1981.  I taught mathematics in a technical high school for the Deaf in Brussels from 1984 to 1986.  Now, I work as a computer programmer in a big electricity and gas company: Electrabel under a French energy company : GDF Suez, since 1987.  

I love history since I was 10 years old. As a volunteer, I set up a deaf history museum inside the Liege deaf club (Liege is the third Belgian city) in 1993 : it is open to any deaf and hearing researchers/visitors.

I gave numerous deaf history lectures in Belgium and wrote two books : “Histoire des sourds en Belgique en France et dans les autres pays (1è partie)” (Deaf History in Belgium, in France and in other countries : first part) and “Joseph Henrion, the first Belgian Deaf teacher”.

Ambitions for DHI:

DHI conferences should become more important internationally and more well-known to all deaf and hearing people: to promote Deaf culture in the World and to prove that Deaf History as well as Deaf culture really exist. DHI conferences should attract many more hearing scholars!

All Deaf people should be aware about the wonderful deaf history events and about deaf famous persons in the past: it would help maintaining and reinforcing our Deaf identities.