American School for the Deaf (ASD) – Museum

The oldest school for the Deaf in America, located in Hartford, Connecticut

Amsterdamse Doven Historie (ADH)

Society on Deaf History of the city of Amsterdam

BDA Deaf Archives

This is a project of the British Deaf Association (BDA). Bringing together films, photos and memories from around the world, the aim of this new website is to illustrate the range, richness and depth of the Deaf community and their history. It is not only accessible but interactive, allowing visitors comment on materials, provide additional information and event upload their own films and photos to the site.

British Deaf History Society

National Society on Deaf History in the British Isles
Brother Leothard Deaf Museum

This museum contains archives of deaf schools and Deaf associations.

Bundesvereinigung für Kultur und Geschichte Gehörloser e.V. (KuGG)

National Society on Deaf History of Germany
Centre Robert Dresse

This historical centre in Liège, Belgium offers information and documentation regarding Deaf History.

Contact: Bernard le Maire,

Deaf Art and Deaf Archives

This website contains information and an archive regarding Deaf Art and Deaf Artist.

It is developed by Rochester Institute of Technology / National Technical Institute for the Deaf (RIT/NTID), United States of America.

Deaf Culture Centre – Le Centre De La Culture Des Sourds

The Centre preserves the language and history of the Deaf community and is located in Toronto
Deaf education museum of the Netherlands

This museum of deaf education in the Netherlands is housed in a historical building that once was a deaf school.