Conferences - past and future

Planned Conferences

2018   -           Tenth DHI conference

Sydney, Australia. 2018. 17-21 July 2018.

Hosted by Deaf Australia Inc. and the National Institute for Deaf Studies and Sign Language at La Trobe University.

Theme: Colonialism in Deaf History.



Past Conferences

2015   -           Ninth DHI conference

Edinburgh, Scotland, 12-18 July 2015.

Hosted by British Deaf History Society and Deaf History Scotland

Theme: Deaf Sporting Heritage.


2012   -           Eighth DHI conference

Toronto, Canada. 2012, July 24-29.

Hosted by Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf

Theme: Telling Deaf Lives: Biographies and Autobiographies.


2009   -           Seventh DHI conference

Stockholm, Sweden. 2009, August 4-8.

Hosted by Swedish Deaf History Society (SDHS)

Theme: No history, no future.

Proceedings: Hedberg, Tomas (Ed.) No History, No Future. ISBN: 978-91-979728-0-2. A copy can be ordered by contacting Carl Magnus Lindgren, Treasurer of SDHS.


2006   -           Sixth DHI conference

Berlin, Germany. 2006, July 31 – August 4.

Hosted by interest Group in Deaf Jewish Descent to Germany (IGJAD)

Theme: Overcoming the past. Determining its Consequences and Finding Solutions for the Present.

Proceedings: Mark Zaurov and Klaus-B. Günther, (Eds.): Overcoming the past. Determining its Consequences and Finding Solutions for the Present. ISBN 978-3-396675-28-3.


2003   -           Fifth DHI conference

Paris, France. 2003, June 30 – July 4.

Hosted by Movement of the Deaf in France

Theme: Past Accomplishments and Future Visions.

No proceedings


2000   -           Fourth DHI conference

Washington D.C., U.S.A. 2000, June 27-30.

Hosted by Gallaudet University: College of Arts and Sciences, Department of History and Government, the University Library, the Graduate School and Research, and the College for Continuing Education

Theme: Researching, Preserving, and Teaching Deaf People’s History.

No proceedings


1997   -           Third DHI conference

Trondheim, Norway. 1997, September 10-14.

Hosted by Norwegian Deaf History Society (NDHS)

Theme: Deaf Persons in Art and Science.

No proceedings, unfinished work in archives Gallaudet.


1994   -           Second DHI conference

Hamburg, Germany. 1994, October 8-11.

Hosted by University of Hamburg: Center for German Sign Language

No main theme but thematic blocks: Deaf Persons, Deaf Communities, Sign Languages, Deaf History as a Discipline, Deaf Education.

Proceedings: Fischer, Renate and Tomas Vollhaber (Eds.): Collage. Works on International Deaf History. Hamburg : Signum 1996, 304 Seiten, ISBN 3-927731-59-5.


1991   -           First conference on Deaf History

Washington D.C., U.S.A. 1991, June 20-23.

Hosted by Gallaudet University, Department of History

No theme

No proceedings